Confession of a Sidewalk Counselor

Confession of a Sidewalk Counselor

I will make a humble confession.

For many years of ministry I used rational, selfish, woman-centered arguments with sexually immoral sinners who were murdering their babies.

I would tell them how the abortionists had botched abortions, were imprisoned and had their license suspended.

I would take time to explain about the risk of breast cancer, likelihood of loss of the relationship with the father, feelings of regret and guilt, risks of injury from abortion, etc.

But the more I considered the fact that I was appealing to their selfish desires and emotions (which got them to where they are in the first place), I sensed a conviction that it was really reinforcing her idol of SELF and her lover.

I was helping her to love the creature (herself, her lover, her job, her career, her parent’s opinion & financial support, her education, her freedom, etc) more than her Creator, who is blessed forever.

I was pointing her to her own extravagantly wicked self-interest rather than God and I was certainly diminishing the extrinsic value of her baby (meaning that the value and dignity and worth of human babies comes from the fact that they are created in the image & likeness of God, by God.)

This was posted to a pro-abortion support group by an actively aborting woman.

It is Epidemic in Pro-Life Circles

As a person who has served the Lord in pro-life circles for three decades, I now view this problem of woman-centered ‘counseling’ as epidemic.

That’s why I am addressing it.

With woman-centered, non-directive, non-judgmental counseling, the counselor does not call the mother to have mercy on the child of her womb because the child deserves loving protection [and God forbids murder]. The counselor merely tries to make her see herself as worthy of ‘good’ in life (good health, good relationship with her co-fornicator), but does not boldly speak against her ruthlessly attacking her helpless son or daughter.

I am so thankful that more and more Christians are putting away their therapeutic model of man/woman-centered ministry and becoming unashamedly scriptural. There is a powerful move afoot which keeps the glory of Jesus and His holy Law and living Word front and center, where it belongs. The Lord is SMASHING the idol of creature-worship and unjust preferential treatment of the mother over her baby.

“P” a sidewalk missionary who has been ministering to actively aborting mothers for 30 years

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