YES, Women DO ENJOY Abortion

Abortion Mindset

You wouldn’t know it by following the narrative many pro-life organizations promote, but many women are not at all sad about or regretful of their decision to abort their sons and daughters.

We have grown accustomed to the talking points expressed by well-meaning pro-lifers:

  • No woman wants an abortion.
  • 80…90…95% of women regret their abortions.
  • Women who get abortions think they have no other choice.
  • Women ONLY choose abortion because they are desperate.

These types of statements and statistics are usually put forward by organizations which minister primarily to women who freely walk in their doors looking for help: pregnancy resource centers, sonogram buses, post-abortion counseling ministries, and so on. These ministries have helped many women, but their experience does not give us a clear understanding of what the average woman walking into an abortion facility is like.

The majority of women scheduling appointments at abortion facilities refuse all offers of help. They flat out reject offers of physical assistance, medical aid, parenting resources, adoptive homes, and more. Ask any Christian who does sidewalk counseling ministry at their local abortion center. For every one woman who stops to talk about resources and getting help, how many walk right by completely apathetic OR are even dancing in the door of the killing facility.

WHY do women refuse help if they don’t want abortions, if they are only there as a last desperate choice?

Many women refuse help because they DO want abortion.

For many women, abortion is not the only choice, but it is their preferred choice.

An Example

Take the young woman in the screenshots below for example. She went to an abortion center with the intention to abort her child via a medication abortion (ie. pill abortion). At the center she met Christians out front who were speaking up on behalf of her baby. She talked to these Christians about all the kinds of help they could offer her and her baby and she relented of her plan to abort her child … that week.

Unfortunately, as with many abortion-minded moms, the desire to rid herself of her child was strong. In spite of all the help offered, she returned to the abortion center a week later with an entirely changed demeanor, proudly saying it was her choice to kill.

These types of conversations are difficult to process. We think that this must be some type of extreme case, that no woman could really think that killing her baby is the best choice for the baby or so callous to say she’ll be enjoying her life without the baby she just killed.

The truth is that this mindset is downright common among pre- and post-abortive women. This becomes obvious when you start interacting with women who are actively seeking to abort their children OR who are unrepentant about having done so in the past.

Many Women DO Celebrate Their Abortions

The following series of posts are all from the same woman as she planned and carried out her abortion.

Are all aborting women like this?

No. Of course not every single actively aborting woman is like the ones shown here.

Some women have a much quieter demeanor, some express more sadness or conflict about their decision, and a very tiny portion in the US could actually be described as being forced against their will (ie. the 13 year old trafficking victim who doesn’t speak English, or the 12 year old victim of sexual abuse, etc.).

Some women have come to not just regret their abortions later, but to sincerely repent of their sin toward God and their child. We rejoice when this is the case!

Our point is not to say that ALL aborting women are like this.

Our point is that this attitude is COMMON among women and will not be solved by providing pregnancy resources.

The problem of abortion will only be solved by (1) the gospel of Jesus Christ to change the hearts of those who desire to kill their children, and (2) good and just laws which restrain those who have murderous intent toward their children.

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