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Women are not stupid, they know it’s a BABY

Are women ignorant?

Judging by the narrative promulgated by most pro-life organizations, you would think that the vast majority of women who get abortions:

  • Have no idea what they are doing
  • Have been duped by Planned Parenthood into believing their baby is just a clump of cells
  • Are ignorant of what an abortion procedure does
  • Would change their minds if they were just informed about pre-natal development or saw an ultrasound image

Does this narrative hold up?

As we usually do, we will go straight to the comments of pre- and post-abortive women posting online about their abortion experiences. Do these women know it’s a baby? YES. They absolutely do.

In their own words…

It’s a baby, she just doesn’t want it.
She’s feels a little guilty about drinking and smoking while pregnant with this “baby” but not about killing the baby.
It’s a baby. It’s killing. It doesn’t bother her.
Women who stand in support of abortion often aren’t hiding that they know abortion kills babies.
Post-abortive women freely talk about the eyes, legs, arms, of their aborted babies while encouraging pre-abortive women in their abortions.
Aborted because her baby was a boy not a girl.
She was already in a Mom group…
Knows it’s a baby AND that her baby is a gift from God. Still aborting.
Joking about trashing babies.
Not confused about whether it’s a baby. Just confused about whether she can still abort.
These mothers show no remorse while talking about the mangled body parts of their babies. They just want to support each other.
I don’t want to keep this baby.
The only thing we should focus on is whether the mother wants her child or not. If she doesn’t, to the trash bin with it.

Knowledge isn’t the problem

These women, and many more like them (we could post hundreds of these comments), aren’t making their decisions based on lies told to them about their baby’s development. They aren’t confused about whether they are pregnant with babies. They are aborting BECAUSE they are pregnant with babies. This isn’t a knowledge problem. This is a sin problem. They have murderous desires in their hearts toward their children. Murderous desires which our laws allow them to act upon with impunity.

This is why we need to establish justice for pre-born children by instituting laws which will restrain mothers (and fathers) in their sin against their children.

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