Would you kill in order to maintain an unfettered sex life?

Twin Sins – Sexual Immorality & Abortion

For the vast majority of actively aborting mothers, their #NotAVictim status starts with their decision to commit sexual immorality. They willingly take part in the only act which creates a child, often in the context of fornication or adultery. When children are conceived in the context of sexual sin they are often sacrificed on the alter of sexual freedom. Men and women desire unrestrained sex lives, but they shun responsibility for the children which naturally result. They conceive children which they then violently assault to death.

Sexual immorality is THE most common companion sin to abortion.

The two often go hand-in-hand. One sin begets another.

In their own words:

Multiple partners, married to neither, just prefers a different baby daddy.
FWB = Friends with Benefits
No surprise – prostitution and abortion go together.
Fornication leads to lies and murder.
Teens often want to hide their sexual activity from their parents, therefore the babies which result from their fornication have got to go.
Actively aborting mothers often post with concerns about how long an abortion procedure might inhibit their sexual activity.
Sleeping together, but not wanting to have babies together.
When sex is your “job” murder looks like a reasonable option.
When you make a “career” of sexual sin, it’s no surprise there’s no room for a child.

Abortion: a sin of the heart

This is why we will never beat abortion with morally neutral counseling and secular pro-life arguments.

Abortion is a moral issue that springs out of the sin of the heart. When hearts are full of lust and self-gratification, sexual immorality and murder are the result. The children pay the price for the sins of their parents.

This is why we must always apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our fight against abortion.

If you have been involved in sexual sin or had an abortion, there is hope for you in Jesus Christ. Read this TODAY.

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