Things Aborting Mommies Post

The following are comments left by pro-abort men and women on various social media platforms. The Bible is clear that “murder… stems from the heart” (Matt. 15:19). While the spirit on display in these comments, screenshots, and memes does not reflect that of all aborting mothers, what’s reflected here is a common spirit that is regularly seen now within broader groups of aborting women.

Do you know what’s great about America? Free choice. I can choose to [fornicate] and choose abortion in the same week.
You believe we have to confess our sin. Cool, I’ll confess to God I f****** ENJOYED IT.”

— Kelly

You have a very unJesus view of abortion….
Do you know what’s great about a dog?
I can leave a dog alone for a few hours with no babysitter.
Go to my job. Let my dog out when I come home.
Feed, cuddle the dog, and then sleep without being disturbed.
I make a good DOG parent.
But this pregnancy is my baby…
and I don’t have to care about it.”

— “Bianca,” aborting mother, 10 weeks

“If you have never had to kill your baby [her words],
you don’t know what the **** you are talking about.
I don’t want to put my child’s needs before mine.
I have had 3 terminations. #4 doesn’t bother me.
I light a candle every day and thank the baby for his or her life and what having this abortion means to me.
When I pray to my baby, I am taking to God.

— Update from “Beth” who plans her memorial tattoos before putting each of her children to death. Her fourth child was approaching 17 weeks gestation when Beth replied via Messenger to those reaching out to her via one church’s ministry to aborting mothers.

I am 9 weeks pregnant. This will be my second abortion. The medical pill was what I did last time, and it was traumatizing. The pregnancy got stuck and I ended up with something I can’t un-see: my baby stuck, hanging out of me. Planned Parenthood cost $700 [for her delightful experience.] I am scheduled for Monday [to do it again].”

— Annie

“I’m not worried about the abortion because I have asked forgiveness. The bible says all sins are forgiven, and Jesus died for the sins of all the world. I didn’t cave to an abortion the first time because I loved my baby, but @ 5 weeks this time, it really isn’t really a big deal to me to kill my baby. I have too much on my mind to keep a baby that is unwanted by everyone. I want to take the pills before Christmas.”

— Shelly, who admits it’s a “baby” she’s carrying and that she will be “killing” this Christmas [her words].

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