The Me First Generation

The Me First Generation

Much of the conflict and emotional distress women experience surrounding their abortion decisions stems from sinful human nature rather than from being coerced or forced into their decisions. Most women choose abortion of their own volition because abortion is what serves their own self-interest.

Actively aborting women often post their questions, dilemmas, and moral quandaries in pro-abortion support groups. These posts reveal the self-centered concerns women have surrounding their abortion decisions.

Women’s biggest concerns are often:

  • their own physical or mental wellness post-abortion (Will the abortion be painful for me? Will I be depressed later?)
  • their body image (Is there any way to keep the bigger boobs or lose the baby weight quicker?)
  • how the abortion procedure will affect their vacation plans or ability to drink alcohol
  • how long they will have to stop having sex
  • a baby will get in the way of their plans (Career/Education/Travel)

When a woman chooses abortion, she is choosing to sacrifice the life of her child to obtain the life that she wants.

We are a culture that would look with horror on a woman whose boat capsized and she decided to hold her toddler’s head under water in order to keep herself afloat. Why then is our assessment of aborting mothers so different? Only because we dehumanize the child and favor the woman.

Listen to actively aborting women … in their own words

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