Abortion and Miscarriage: Murder and Lies Go Together

Murder and Lies Go Together – Miscarriage & Abortion

WARNING: Those who have suffered the loss of a child through miscarriage may find this post particularly difficult to read.

The pro-life narrative usually goes like this:

Most women who abort are pressured, coerced, or forced into their abortions. If they just had support from their families or from the baby’s father, or understood that what they are carrying is a living baby, they would never abort. No woman wants an abortion. The real fault goes to the irresponsible boyfriends, not the women who are desperate and alone.

Sound familiar?

The reality is:

Many women abort despite having support from the father of their baby and/or their own family. They know that if they even tell their family and friends that they aborted, they will be in for some uncomfortable conversations with those who are close to them who would defend the life of the baby. They know they are carrying babies and often refer to this fact as they declare the don’t want their babies. So, we often see that murder and lies go together. It’s easier to tell your child’s father that you miscarried, feign some sadness for a few days, and then go on with your life.

Women who do this are not victims.

In their own words…

Women are often concerned about the effect of the abortion procedure … on themselves.
This woman isn’t being coerced, pressured, or forced into aborting her son or daughter. Instead, she is planning the lies she will tell to cover up what she has done.
Contrary to the narrative we usually hear, women who abort are not always being pressured by the baby’s father to get rid of the baby so he doesn’t have to be responsible. Sometimes the fathers are the ones pleading for the lives of their children, or being flat-out lied to about the circumstances of their child’s death,… because the woman wants to do what the woman wants to do. And the law protects her.
Some women feel “fantastic” about their children dying.
Faking a miscarriage is the best way to get your mom (who is excited to be a grandma) off your back.
Murder and lies are like peas in a pod.

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