Triplets is two babies too many

Multiple Abortions: “Triplets is two babies too many”

Many Women Don’t Regret Abortion – They Kill Again

According to available studies, somewhere around half of the women seeking abortions each year have already aborted one or more children. This information alone should cause us to reconsider the pro-life assumption that women always regret their abortions. If these women had the overwhelming regret which pro-life organizations often claim that they do, wouldn’t they make a different choice the second time around, or the third time, or the fourth?

In addition to this, an even larger percentage of women seeking abortion (59% according to Guttmacher) have already had a live birth, which means many women have been through pregnancy, delivered a live child and are still deciding to abort the children they carry. They understand from experience that pregnancy means “baby,” not a blob of tissue. They aren’t ignorant about what pregnancy is.

To top off that information, in our outreach to actively aborting moms, it is not uncommon for us to see women aborting wanted children they were trying to conceive. When their circumstances change, they decide they don’t want the child. Sometimes, the child is found to have a potential illness or defect, or they simply want to reduce twins or triplets conceived via fertility treatments or IVF because they only want one baby.

Aborting Multiples or Multiple Abortions – In Their Own Words

Notice this mother knows she is “killing her babies,” yet she is fighting her conscience hard to do it again.
Hearing her babies’ heartbeats didn’t sway this mother for a second.
Many women plan to abort before they ever get pregnant and even joke about it.
Children are disposable if they aren’t on the mother’s desired time schedule … but she really wants kids more than anything.
When we see children as a “choice,” it makes sense to women to kill one child and keep his/her sibling.
Two abortions; no regret.
Women are even excited about aborting their children over, and over, and over.
Three abortions that fill her with joy.
Kittens as a cure for the emotional slump after multiple abortions.
Sexual immorality is a companion sin to abortion. The two are often found together in the stories the mothers share.
This mother is looking into ordering pills online to kill her twins. Her main concern (even after a sonogram) is “Will it work and kill both babies?”
Pre-planning getting pregnant and aborting multiple times in her pursuit of a “genetically normal” child. The collateral damage of dead children doesn’t seem to bother her as long as her fertility isn’t compromised. Diabolical.

What about justice?

Where is the justice for these children? Their mothers are neither ignorant, nor coerced. These women are the primary actors in their own children’s deaths. The doctors — if they even had one and didn’t order the kill pills online — were simply hired to do the deed.

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