May, 2019: Quick Quotes from the Front Lines

These quotes come straight from moms and dads who are in the midst of planning or carrying out their abortions. Christians across the U.S. plead with them in person at the killing locations (and online when they post publicly) to turn away from harming their children. Names and identifying details have been changed. These quotes are not posted to spotlight particular individuals, but to illustrate the heart attitudes of actively aborting parents.

“No amount of preaching about how killing is wrong will help me to change my mind.”

“It can die tomorrow like they all do.”

“I’m only a ‘mother’ if I choose to be. The only one I am going to LOVE is ME.”

“Everyone should have at least one abortion in their life.”

“Abortion is liberating. I’ve never had warm, fuzzy maternal feelings. I don’t like children… period.”

“I’ll save you ALL problems, and just suck it out of the womb with a vacuum cleaner.”

“I LOVE ABORTION. Saying something else would be lying.”

“Abortion is preferred to nausea and weight gain and being tied down to a little brat the rest of my gd* life. I will GLADLY pay them to take the fetus out of my uterus and dispose of it.”

“I LIKE being a promiscuous slut and if a fetus keeps getting in my way of that I will abort it every. f*****g. time. ‘What’s in it for ME?’ is ALL that I care about.”

“Why do I need to explain ‘I don’t like children’? What part of that comment is not clear? Kids s***.”

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