If women could SEE the baby inside of them, they would never abort… or would they?

The following are comments left by pro-abort men and women on one particular social media platform in response to the beautiful “crystal belly” meme being shared by those in the pro-life community. As you will see in the replies by some, even seeing the pre-born baby does not change the minds of many. This is a fact seen clearly in the high numbers of aborted babies in states that require a pre-abort sono by law before the abortion, but still see jaw-dropping numbers — in some states, tens of thousands — of mothers choosing to kill anyway. The Bible is certainly true when it says that “murder… stems from the heart” (Matt. 15:19).

The meme:

The following are responses to this meme from pre-abortive and post-abortive mothers and pro-abort men and women in general. (Make sure to note how many laughing emoticons each comment is getting. What someone laughs at is also very telling.):

Do these look like the “second victims of abortion” to you, as some pro-life organizations, churches, and leaders say of the mothers?… mothers who walk in to the abortion clinics freely of their own accord, pay their hundreds or thousands, sign the paperwork giving the abortionist permission to have at their child, undress, climb up on the table, put their legs in the stirrups, swallow the pills, and otherwise assist with the procedure?

Or are these sinners in need of a Savior and Godly laws that will restrain their sin against their children?

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