“I will have to think it’s cute to keep it.” [From the Front Lines]

These quotes come straight from moms and dads who are in the midst of planning or carrying out their abortions. Christians across the U.S. plead with them in person at the killing locations (and online when they post publicly) to turn away from harming their children. Names and identifying details have been changed. These quotes are not posted to spotlight particular individuals, but to illustrate the heart attitudes of actively aborting parents.

The abortion debate doesn’t often center around “it’s not a baby” these days.

And if you really talk to aborting mothers regularly and at length, you’ll find that the debate isn’t even whether it’s “killing” or not. Many aborting mothers use the term “killing” freely of their own accord — particularly in private communication.

People used to say that “if the mothers were just educated enough….”  But if we think about it, the abortionist and his medical team are the most educated ones on the block. And that sure isn’t stopping them. Perhaps just being “educated enough” isn’t quite the answer to the problem of abortion like many like to think it is.

Here’s what the abortion debate usually is these days for actively aborting mothers with scheduled appointments:

“I know it’s a baby, and I know it’s killing; however, my particular situation justifies doing such… and here’s why.”

THAT’s the usual topic in interactions with actively aborting mommies — which should be distinguished from the abortion-vulnerable who willingly walk into a pro-life Pregnancy Center, seeking out services. Read more about that distinction here.

This is exactly why abortion will always be a Gospel issue.

It’s why abortion will always show necessity for Godly laws of complete abolition as well.

“I don’t like religion. I wasn’t brought up with it. I don’t need it to tell me what to do. It’s my baby … and I don’t think killing is always wrong.”


“Why don’t we just say it like it is? I’m happy to kill. If abortion is the worst and only evil deed I ever do I am really doing **** well.”


“Nothing makes up for feeling fat and ugly. Who likes feeling like they have the flu and not being able to participate in tons of fun and sitting out while feeling bored? I want to live my life. I want to say punch me out until this pregnancy is over or boil my insides so I miscarry. I knew it was murder when I did it [scheduled that first appointment].”


“I’ve brought nine girlfriends here before [to the abortion clinic].”

—Juan (speaking to a sidewalk counselor in Houston)

“Have you ever swatted a mosquito? Have you ever stepped on an ant? That’s no different than mothers who abort their children.”

—Duane (Pro-abort college student)

“Abortion is like the clean up crew. Taking out the garbage because I don’t love babies.”

—Vicky (explaining that while she’s chosen life for her baby this time because he/she is “too big” to kill now, she is planning her abortions — at an earlier gestational age — for the future children she figures she will conceive as she plans to continue fornicating with strangers at parties.)

“Sometimes you cry because abortion kills your baby and other days I can be confident and proud of myself that I made such a hard decision. When something makes us sick or disgusted or drives us crazy we get rid of the problem.”

—Hillary (killing her 14 week old little one)

“We don’t want a flawed baby!!!! Good will come out of the abortion; it always does. Medical science benefits greatly from what God couldn’t get right the first time. I do not regret my [four previous] procedures; I am very thankful to have had the [live dismemberment of her babies] surgery experience I do.”

—Bethany (preparing to dismember baby #5 in a D&E abortion)

“I have resented my baby, and what amounts to murder makes it hard to know how much I was plotting it. It scares me to death, it shows me how much we are sinful and reminds me of the life we were saved from and I never want to go back to.”

—Kitty in the wake of cancelling her second late-term abortion and choosing life. Kitty suffered with hyperemesis gravidarum — extreme morning sickness, leading to her hospitalization. Because there were no laws in Kitty’s state to prohibit the murder of her unborn little girl, Kitty was tempted when she was physically weak to murder her little one.

“I will have to think it is cute to keep it.”

—Victoria (on her way in for her pre-abort sono to determine the baby’s age and best killing method)

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