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Do Post-Abortive Women Think They’re Victims?

Pro-life organizations consistently promote the victim narrative for aborting mothers:

Pro-life organizations have wholeheartedly bought into the victim narrative for aborting mothers (and fathers).

Pro-life individuals believe the victim narrative promoted by pro-life orgs:

Pro-life individuals often argue against criminalizing women for abortion because they view these women as victims.

But What Do MANY Post-Abortive Women Say?

Pro-life organizations and ministries are nearly universal in their portrayal of post-abortive women as victims of their own abortions.

Is this an accurate narrative, or are pro-life organizations assuming that all post-abortive women are like the women who come to them seeking post-abortion counseling? What about the women who do not seek post-abortion counseling from pro-life organizations? Do they regret their abortions? Were they pressured, coerced, or forced into their abortions? Do they view themselves as victims?

To find that out we must ask the post-abortive women who are NOT seeking help from pro-life organizations.

The following screenshots are from conversations with pre- and post-abortive women telling us how it is, from their perspective.

Responses of pro-abort women, when asked if they feel like victims of their abortions:

“they” = pro-lifers.
“PL” = Pro Lifers

Rethinking the Victimhood Narrative

When we let post-abortive women speak for themselves we get a much different narrative than what we’ve heard from pro-life organizations who minister to the women who are actively seeking pro-life counseling and services.

If we want to know what many abortive women are like and how they think, we need to talk to them and listen to what they are actually saying.

Victimhood and the Gospel

When we pronounce the mothers “victims” of everything and anything in their premeditated sin against their pre-born children, we simultaneously take away those mothers’ need for the Gospel.

Jesus didn’t die for the sinless. He died for sinners of all kinds – including those who humbly confess that they were once a murderer in their decision to terminate their baby. Those same mothers can then say that, by the grace of God, they have been washed, cleansed, and redeemed by the saving work of the One who DIED for murderers who repent and believe.

Don’t believe this? Find some encouragement in Paul – whose name was changed from “Saul,” murderer of Christians. The Lord saved him and changed him, turning him into the writer of most of the New Testament.

Saul was not a victim when he took the lives of believers. Neither are the mothers who take the lives of their children.

[Want to know more about forgiveness for the sin of abortion? Read this.]

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