I have never regretted it

Do Most Women Regret Their Abortions?

Some women do regret it

If you are post-abortive and have been brought to humble repentance of your past sin, it is likely that you may have joined together in a Facebook group with others who also regret having once aborted.

Post-abortive Facebook groups, however, are not accurately reflective of the status of ALL or even MOST post-abortive women.

They are simply reflective of those who have grouped together under the banner – the common interest – of “I Regret My Abortion.” This is similar to how athletes at school may group together in friendship because of their mutual interest in sports.

We often congregate with those who are like-minded with us in some way.

Likewise, if you minister at a Pregnancy Center that provides post-abortive counseling, it is important to remember that you are ministering to those who – by default of them coming to you for such counsel – are regretful of their past abortions.

But Facebook “abortion regret” groups or counseling programs are not reflective of the GENERAL emotional status of all post-abortive mothers.

Some women don’t regret it

The objective truth is that around half of post-abortive mothers do not regret in any way having terminated child #1, so much so… that they go on to do it again to child #2.

That statistic proves that at least half of post-abortive mothers do not regret their first abortion in any sort of meaningful way. Of course, many post-abortive mothers may not choose a second abortion or may not ever even become pregnant a second time, but still do not regret terminating their first child.

This haughty “I don’t regret it” spirit is reflective in the #ShoutYourAbortion movement and is the majority opinion of post-abortive mothers, whether they “shout” it or not.

Because even Christians are often comfortable with regulating the child-killing industry instead of abolishing it all together, the law has taught mothers that it’s morally okay – even good at times – to poison, dismember, or attack a child to death by vacuum.

As a result, today’s women have, by and large, lost any appropriate shame when doing shameful things.

Let’s listen to what post-abortive women are actually saying…

This mother feels relief not regret.
Even seeing their baby’s bodies doesn’t cause some women to regret their actions.
Sad to have seen her baby, yet no regret that she killed.
This woman not only doesn’t regret her abortion, she proudly shouts it to the world while helping other women abort their children.
Six weeks later, she’s feeling confidence not regret.
This one dedicates her abortion to a Christian anti-abortion activist. She has seen her baby on ultrasound and does the deed with zero regret, even taunting those who would speak up for her baby.
Women acknowledge the sometimes horrific experience or the trauma of seeing their dead babies … and still don’t regret their actions.
No regret, only joy.
They are ecstatic.
Aborted twice. No apparent regret.
Feeling empowerment, not regret.

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