I've had 8 abortions already. I'm Catholic. And I forgive myself.

Can you forgive yourself for abortion?

Sherri expressed no conviction of sin after killing her eight children. She is killing her children one at a time and “forgiving herself” afterward.

Yet “forgiving oneself” is not a concept taught in the Holy Word of God.

Sherri has no authority to “forgive herself” because she didn’t SIN against herself.

She sinned against her children as she poisoned, vacuumed, or dismembered them alive.

And she sinned against God who told Sherri, “You Shall Not Murder.”

Sherri doesn’t need to “forgive herself.” And she can’t seek forgiveness from her children because they are dead.

What Sherri needs to do is to fall on her face before God, as a serial killer, confessing her sin plainly as the mass murder that it is.

She needs to REPENT. Repentance is to feel sorry for one’s sin, hating it and forsaking it because it’s displeasing to God.

When Sherri does that, then – and only then – can she find forgiveness in Christ Jesus.

“And that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations,…”

Luke 24:47
[Want to know more about forgiveness for the sin of abortion? Read this.]

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