Are Ultrasounds the Golden Ticket to Saving Babies?

Pro-Life Ultrasound Claims

If we listen to what many pro-life ministries are saying, we would believe that the sonogram or ultrasound is THE power of God unto salvation for babies endangered by abortion. Pregnancy resource centers often offer free ultrasounds. Sono bus ministries make claims like, “80% of abortions could be avoided!” with ultrasound technology deployed on buses.

But, are they getting this right?

Do their claims stand up to reality?

Don’t get us wrong, pregnancy resource centers and sono buses offer many good and needed resources to women who need help during their pregnancies. Many low-income women receive needed help from these organizations. Many women who don’t have a support system are given the help they need to be good moms to their babies. Still, we need to question the assumption that sonogram technology is a golden ticket to save the vast majority of babies who are in danger of being aborted—that if women just see their babies or hear a heartbeat they will rarely choose to abort.

Politicians and Lobbyists

It’s not just pregnancy resource ministries who misunderstand the importance of ultrasound technology in ending abortion.

Pro-life lobbyists and legislators consume a great deal of time and resources in pushing for legislation which requires abortionists to offer to show ultrasound images to mothers before they abort, or give them the opportunity to hear the heartbeat. They pass legislation requiring abortion clinic staff to describe the development of the baby from the scans they already do to determine the age of the child and the which killing procedure to use. Yes, the same technology touted as the answer to ending abortion is used by abortion clinic staff to help with the killing.

With all this effort and funds poured into ultrasounds as the answer to the problem of abortion, you may find it surprising to find out that many mothers are not affected by ultrasounds in the way that pro-life organizations claim they are. It is not uncommon for women to want to have an ultrasound image to keep as a memento after they have aborted their child. The screenshots below show how actively aborting women often talk about their ultrasounds.

These comments are widespread and extremely common within groups of pre- and post-abortive women. The regularity of these types of comments demonstrates that there are big differences between women who are actively looking for help by going into pregnancy resource centers or boarding sono buses, and those who are actively seeking abortion and are making appointments at abortion clinics. We will never understand actively aborting women by studying women who are actively seeking help with their pregnancies.

In their own words…

Ultrasounds are a regular part of the abortion experience, they are not exclusive to pro-life ministries.
Ultrasounds are often used to determine if an otherwise protected baby is eligible for abortion. Notice this mother seems unaffected by compassion toward her child after viewing the ultrasound. She’s viewing it as a possible loophole which will allow her a late term abortion.
Some women use ultrasound technology to determine if the baby is the sex they want, killing the children that don’t fit their desires. They don’t even hide that it is killing.
For this mother, hearing heartbeats has the opposite effect a pro-lifer would expect. A seared conscience kills without remorse, and will probably do it again given the chance.
At abortion clinics, the ultrasound results are not quite the top secret information that pro-life organizations make it sound like. It is not uncommon for women to see the sono pics or listen to the heartbeat at the abortion clinic, and even take home a pic to keep … for after they abort.
Some women will kill with a smile on their faces, with or without an ultrasound.
Far from being resistant to seeing/hearing her baby before she kills, she wants to ensure that she gets the opportunity.
Even after multiple ultrasounds and knowing her child’s gender, she remains hard-hearted toward her child.
She wanted the child she saw on ultrasound … to die.
Some women want to watch their children die, or maybe just joke about it.
Sometimes there’s minor sadness, but no change for the wickedness in the heart.
Not only does this mother know that she’s carrying a “baby” and have no remorse over trying to abort, she exclaims what awful luck she has that she has to try again to get rid of her baby.
There’s more than one way to torture a child.
An ultrasound actually puts this baby in greater danger.
Sex-selective abortions are a thing today.
There are plenty of women who will cheer you on for aborting boys in particular.
The ultrasound told her that the baby is still there and healthy … still planning to kill.

Here’s the kicker folks—Online abortion pill providers are sending women to pro-life pregnancy resource centers for pre-kill ultrasounds.

The screenshot below shows question #3 in the online consult via the TOP DOG abortion provider in the world (from our observations in the pre-abort support groups).

In our daily observations of actively aborting mothers, this is the #1 abortionist consulted to prescribe the #1 killing method used — the kill pills are ordered online and delivered to the mothers’ front doors for a “do it yourself at home” kill-by-pill abortion.


Time to re-think our reliance on ultrasound technology as the golden ticket for ending abortion

Ultrasounds are well and good as a tool to help care for babies in the womb and the mothers who carry them, but we must realize they are only a tool. This tool can be wielded by those who are working to care for moms and babies and inspire love and compassion in the hearts of moms who may be conflicted about being pregnant. BUT, ultrasounds are also used by abortion clinic staff to select the killing procedure. They are used by OB/GYN doctors to scan for anomalies or potential problems with the child, in which case they often become a death sentence for the child. They are used to create mementos for mothers who have no intention of letting their children live, but want something to remember them by.

NO amount of ultrasound LEGISLATION will establish JUSTICE for babies in the womb. That’s not even the goal. Only criminalization will do that.

The TOOL of an ULTRASOUND is also not a golden ticket to cure the SIN of the HEART. Only the Gospel can do that.

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