Minneapolis and St. Paul Declare March 10th “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day”

Post-abortive mothers don’t, by and large, hate their abortion provider. Many pre-abortive and post-abortive mothers CELEBRATE the abortionist who helped them poison, dismember, or attack their babies with a power tool (the vacuum).

This article by the Activist Mommy begins:

The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have each officially declared March 10 to be “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day” in memory of David Gunn.

According to The St. Paul city council resolution, the proclamation follows the observance of “National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day,” which first began in 1996 in memory of David Gunn, an abortion provider who was shot and killed on March 10, 1993, as well as “to combat the stigma that many abortion providers and clinic staff face, and to celebrate the courage, compassion, and high-quality care they provide.”

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