Bailey Needs an Abortion So She Can Party

“Bailey needs an abortion,” the page claims in a post. “Some of you know and love her. Some of you probably wish you could be her. She is the most important person in my entire life, and even though I didn’t help create the fetus inside of her, we need to get rid of it, because this affects me just as much as it does her.”

“Bailey is currently unemployed, completely broke, in debt, and in no position to hold down a job due to severe symptoms of a rough, unplanned and unexpected pregnancy,” the page continues. “Aside from having no desire to raise a child, she is economically unstable and can barely afford to support herself, which means having enough money to pay rent, smoke cigarettes, drink rockstar, support her friends in prison, and if she’s really busted her ass, maybe go to a show or two.”

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Not a Victim FAQs:

  • Loretta
    January 31, 2020 at 5:19 am

    You know a part of me understands but, if you don’t want a child then use protection, control, sustain till you are ready. There are better ways. God gave me one child I always wanted 4. My 2nd husband adopted my son a become a great father, but I have suffered 40yrs of our marriage because I could not give him, his very on child. We tryed to adopt but we weren’t rich enough or we were the wrong religion, wrong color. So many unborn, aborted children has broken my heart so much. There all so many couples like my husband and I that crave to have children, but are going thru the same hurt. If just one baby can be save by reading my story than I have done my job. Please give your baby a voice.

    • Bonner
      February 14, 2020 at 7:44 pm

      Women aren’t required to be incubators for others.

      Adopt a pre-owned kid. Do you really have to have a cuddly newborn to satisfy your goddamn ego?

  • Bason
    February 14, 2020 at 7:42 pm

    What a crock of crap. No one has to justify or explain their abortion to you fucking dickheads.


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