Rethinking the Pro-life Coercion Narrative

Rethinking the Pro-Life Narrative on Coercion

Recently, a popular pro-life organization posted the following:

“Statistically, [abortion] represents women who’ve been manipulated, coerced, and completely lied to about the options they have and the life that is growing inside them.”

“[Our organization],… will respond from a place of brokenness when we hear about abortion (not a voice of anger or slander). We invite you to join us in this movement fueled by love, compassion, and action.”

Popular pro-life organization

We are not going to name the pro-life org. here who made that particular statement as we’d like to open up some FRIENDLY – yes, friendly! – dialogue about these common thoughts… rather than coming across as simply picking on those who are on our side of the fence.

But these types of sentiments are EXACTLY why we created this crazy website.

Too many times in pro-life or abolitionist circles, we imagine what an actively aborting mother must be like. Instead of talking to those who actually minister to actively aborting mothers, we listen to the description of the mothers from our friends at pro-life pregnancy centers and sono bus ministries – friends who are ministering to an entirely different group of women, better classified as the “abortion-vulnerable” most of the time.


Abortion-vulnerable mothers willingly walking into a pro-life organization seeking out help are not necessarily in sin of any kind.

  • They are soft.
  • They’re requesting assistance.
  • They’re seeking out help.

Actively aborting mommies – mommies with scheduled abortion appointments – are a whole different ballgame.

  • They are in sin… and for the spiritually mature counselor, the sin is very clear.
  • An actively aborting mommy has had to HARDEN her conscience to reach the point of killing her own child.
  • This is why she is often vile, as evidenced in the videos and screenshots on our site.

Those who lean pro-life compassionately imagine that the mothers have all been manipulated into their abortions.

We imagine that no one could be THAT wicked as to violently attack a little son or daughter based on their own desire or will. They must be coerced or lied to in order to seek an abortion.

Real Human Nature

But the Bible is clear that without the Lord, we really are that wicked. Romans 3 says that unbelievers can have “feet that RUN to do evil… they are SWIFT to shed innocent blood.

What’s the Right Response?

So, what should our response be when we see masses of mothers DEAD-SET on killing their little babies with full knowledge and consent?

We agree with our pro-life friends in their statement: “we must be fueled by love, compassion, and action.”


But rather than just being passively broken and sad about abortion, it’s also right and Biblical to become what some have termed righteously angry – angry toward the right things… angry without sin or a lack of self-control.

And when we are appropriately angry about the horrific violence against our tiniest of neighbors, we will let our righteous anger drive us to two good things:

  1. Ministering gently and respectfully with the Gospel of Jesus – the cure for sinners of all kinds. Sinners like ourselves. Sinners like those murdering their own children.
  2. Calling for righteous legislation that can RESTRAIN the mothers’ sin against their poor children.

And that’s something I hope all of us who love the mommies and babies can get behind.


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