Abortion Hurts Women

Focusing on Botched Abortions Will Never Ban Abortion

Ministries that send out fundraising emails with captions like Botched Abortion in Utah! and Ambulance Seen at Planned Parenthood! Another Woman Harmed By Abortion!! are training you to think of the mothers as the second (passive) victims of abortion and Planned Parenthood.

These ministries do not have a Biblical mindset toward sin — recognizing that the mothers murder their children because of their internal state of depravity.

They are not fighting abortion via a Biblical response of calling the mothers to repent of their sexual immorality and hatred of their children.

Nor are they fighting to exhort our legislators to do their God-given duty and punish evil in accordance with Romans 13.

They do love the babies, however, and want to protect them, but they are doing such via the wrong methodology: drumming up and sometimes heavily dramatizing the risks to the MOTHER when she kills.

But, folks,…

that is simply the wrong argument.

Baby-killing isn’t wrong because sometimes the mothers get hurt any more than rape is wrong because rapists sometimes get an STD or stealing is wrong because sometimes the thief cuts his hand on the glass.

Abortion is wrong because it’s morally wrong to kill a human being unjustly. God forbids it.

Listen. Just like a truly legit medical procedure – whether that’s getting your teeth cleaned or taking out your appendix – abortion also comes with its risks. So does continuing a pregnancy for that matter, and childbirth of a full-term baby.

But with 48+ years of practice, the professional baby-killing industry has managed to successfully REDUCE most of the serious risks to the mother when surgically terminating a little one. Killing a baby has, frankly, never been safer for women. With the advancement in the science of killing, babies who survive a surgical abortion are becoming almost unheard of.

That means, mothers are surviving and babies are not — which has always been the intended goal of abortion.

With the growing advancement in the science of killing now consistently meeting the goals of the pro-abort side, ministries are flat-out FOOLISH to base their “defense of life” position exclusively on pictures of the rare ambulance outside of Planned Parenthood.

There simply aren’t that many ambulances outside of the killing places anymore. There AREN’T that many botched abortions.

And that’s okay. We don’t need botched abortions and 70 MPH trips in ambulances to defend our position because our position isn’t based on the risks to the mother.

It’s based on the Word of God and that little four-word imperative in the sixth commandment:

“Thou. shall. not. murder.”

And that’s a moral standard that sticks… whether one could violate it “safely” or not.

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